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Time is a critical commodity and, obviously, too much time is lost in commuting. In today's electronic world, it makes sense to actively embrace the many technological advances available to us and acknowledge that getting the work done, in the most efficient manner possible, is of primary importance.

One way to achieve this goal is to spend less time travelling and more time collaborating.

This means that team members will typically work from their own workspace where they can work undisturbed and can concentrate on the work in hand with none of the interruptions that are part and parcel of a busy corporate office.

Of course, your project needs may stipulate other requirements, like having to attend project meetings for example, so once we make the initial introductions, you will be able to discuss your requirements with your new team member because, from then on, all your dealings will be directly with him/her.

All we ask is that you give them the respect you expect from them.

We intend to continue building this network of professional business people from which you may be able to draw the ideal person for your project.

Contact us if you need to fill a vital role in your current or next project and we will endeavour to find the "perfect fit"

Our current list includes individuals who can partner with you in the following areas:

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Red Jig Saw Puzzle

A project can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces of the puzzle, large and small, need to fit into place precisely to complete the picture.

Similarly, our carefully selected collaboration of individuals are consultants who, with their unique intellect and capability, may be able to supply the missing ingredient to your project. Each person could become an equal participating team member, an important piece of your puzzle, to facilitate the successful completion of your picture.

Finding the right person is the key. The combined intellect and mind-set of a carefully selected team is the essence to realising a winning project.

Without the right fit, the project is in jeopardy.

So consider this solution.
A collaborative consortium is by no means a new concept but we are trying to make this one slightly different and somewhat special.

  • We are dealing with individuals, not large companies where we may not always get the person we want as a team member
  • The diversity within this one group should be a great advantage. By bringing together people with different areas of expetise, we are not restricting ourselves to any particular discipline or associated discipline.
  • This is not a paid membership network so we receive no financial benefit from it. Our list is created by invitation only and our reward is in the satisfaction we get from introducing the people in our network to you


Work together. Win together.

Whether it is called joint venture, collaboration, partnering, outsourcing … they are only buzz words. All it means is that you are liaising with someone else to get the best output for your project. In this case, we are dealing with individuals (as distinct from large companies) who can complete your project team.

Our focus is on lifestyle ... with the emphasis being on improving our lifestyle without having to compromise the work we do.

By reducing our workload we can relieve stress and other frustrations from our working day, have more time and energy to do the things we want to do, enjoy what we do and, consequently, be in a better frame of mind to transfer our positive energy into our personal lives thereby  improving our overall wellbeing.

We are all unique in that we find certain tasks interesting while others are distinctly tedious. This is normal. Partnering with others, to relieve us of the work we find tedious, gives us more flexibility while at the same time we are helping others, who actually enjoy the work we dislike, achieve their goals. By making lifestyle choices, we help ourselves and each other. 

So take the step to change your lifestyle ... if you need to do so. Share your workload and delegate portions of it to like-minded people who have similar goals and aspirations. 

To help you achieve this, we have got together a group of people whom we have grown to like, respect and trust over many years of association. The talents of these individuals are indeed outstanding and by capitalising on the diversity of experience available, we should be able to help ourselves and each other in the process. By creating such a network, everybody wins.

Every project has challenges and there is no doubt that problems often become opportunities when the right people get together. So let us gear up for some interesting times ahead.

Henry Ford Quote

These words by Henry Ford capture the essence of what we are trying to achieve. 

We look forward to your participation.

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