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Getting together …

That is my vision. I was looking for a way to keep in touch with people I know and creating a Website was the answer. Not only does it establish a network of friends and business associates, it also satisfies, and complements, my varied interests.

I am primarily an architect and, while I am passionate about the architectural work I do (I have a penchant for detailed, technical design work) I have to say I am equally passionate about all my other (often frivolous) interests. However, with just 24 hours in a day, I had some difficulty in finding the time to devote to all of them. So they remained dormant. Untapped. Until now.

This Site is the start of my vision. It brings together an assortment of services and products provided and/or connected to myself and the people I know. This compendium of services and products range from architecture, finance, travel, virtual assistance and community service to unusual gifts and human interest areas devoted to pets. In fact, diversity is the operative word and as interests grow and/or become known, they will be added to this site.

The products and services are not related and that is intentional since I am not trying to target any particular group or interest area. My object is to bring together people from all walks of life so that they, and the people with whom they liaise, via this site, will benefit from the association.

The people behind the products and services are those I have grown to know, like, trust and respect over years of association and, hopefully, you will concur with my views as you get to know them through this site.