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Magazines and books are generally good examples of hospital gifts and have proven to be an enjoyable diversion for patients who are looking for something to while away those long, quiet hours. So let us know if you want us to find the right publications to personalise your gift to suit the recepient



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The art of giving

It is a fact that most business owners tend to be profit-driven and motivated to generate higher profits each year. That is the nature of business and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except that the simple art of "giving" is often forgotten.

Sure, companies are generous in their donations and recipients are greatly appreciative but we are talking about individuals who put aside their personal ambitions, for just a moment, to give some of their time to activities that benefit others … expecting no tangible rewards but instead, to enjoy the best reward of all, that of personal satisfaction.

There are many ways in which we can give back to the community and my chosen path was volunteering at a Melbourne Hospital Gift Shop. I volunteered for many years and I would still be there but for the fact that the hospital management (in their dubious wisdom) decided to close the volunteer shop and hand it over to a commercial enterprise.

The hospital has certainly lost a very valuable aspect of its history, an irreplaceable legacy, but this setback has not stopped me from continuing my work, albeit in a different way. After much thought, I am launching my new personalised gift giving service, in an effort to truly brighten the outlook of those in hospital with gifts to match their personalities.

Personalised Gifts
If for some reason, you are unable to visit someone who may be in a Melbourne hospital, you can still show them you care with a thoughtful, personalised gift which we can deliver.

It is difficult to list every item available for purchase, especially when the gifts are personalised. Since every individual is unique, the gifts may need to be tailored to suit indvidual personalities. However, nothing is impossible. We cater to all demographice and can satisfy the tastes of many with a suitable gift ... whether it is basic, unique, serious, useful or fun. Yes, that's right, we do basic, useful gifts as well.

So contact us to discuss what might suit your patient and the amount you would like to spend and we will endeavour to source and deliver your special gift in exactly the way you want.

A delivery charge based on the best courier rates from Melbourne CBD will apply.

This service is not about personal gain. Instead, it is about supporting the community by giving back to it.

So in the spirit of this intention, all profits from this initiative will be donated to an organisation of our choice.

Our current list includes:

Deaf Children Australia

Beyond Blue


We hope you will support us in this worthwhile endeavour.


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