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"Nothing haunts us like the

things we didn't say ... or buy."

MITCH ALBOM (with clight adaptation)


At this point, we wish to emphasise that we will continue to stock only genuine “named brand” products of good design and manufacture.

So if we stock a particular named product you are looking for, it will be the one you want. So we invite you to check with us.

We look forward to connecting with you and to continuing our association with those of you we already know and to establishing a happy and productive association with new customers.


Let's connect ...

Contact us with your enquiry.

We have recently relocated our Collins Street Shop/Office in an effort to streamline the services we offer. Those who are already familiar with us and our services are aware that we run several businesses concurrently. It makes life interesting and there is no opportunity to stagnate!

The Healing Practice is 90% distance work so it really doesn’t matter where the sessions are conducted. For those who wish to experience personal sessions, mutually convenient arrangements can be made. Similarly, the Architectural services we provide can also be provided from anywhere with ease.

The big change is in our retail business which is now online … but with a difference!

We encourage personal communication and, if you are located in Melbourne CBD or surroundings, orders can be dropped off. This would be essentially the same although more convenient. That is, up until now, customers from the CBD and surrounds had to find time in their schedules to drop in while those located further away requested their purchases to be mailed. So those located in closer proximity who appreciate human contact can still experience personal interaction with us and they can also “touch and see” their selected products personally. If the products don’t live up to their expectations, there is no pressure to buy which makes online shopping with us somewhat different and more convenient than traditional online shopping.


0419 222 911

+61 419 222 911


If your call to us is not answered ...

Please leave your contact details and a brief message so we can get back to you. And we will.

Alternatively. you could send us an email.or text message.

Because of the many unsolicited calls we get from telemerketers, we tend to avoid responding to missed call numbers that are unknown to us.



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