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As you may have noticed, I like photos and while a few were given to me to use and some are my own, most of the stock photos on this Site have been selected mainly from stock.XCHNG ( and RGBStock (

Credit for these images go to the photographers who shared their work and their names are noted below the images I have used. Since this is a community based Site, my intent is to promote everyone who has contributed to it and so links to each photographer's gallery, as available, appear below the images.

Coloured Pencils Shopping Cart @ on Sofa Escape Key Red Info I Letter Exclamation Mark
Green Puzzle Red Puzzle Graph-Team Flower & Bees Red @ Telephone Keys Laptop on Lawn
Accounting Tools Reports www Headset Spiral Binder & Pen Coloured Jigsaw Spiral Binder Detail
Files Colouful Folders Drawings Drawing Rolls Handing Building over For Sale Sign Dice
Monopoly Weigh the Costs handing Keys over Handshake Property Earth Moving Equipment Sails
Car Beach-Umbrella Earth Gaia-Plant Electron Gift Box Kermits
Diamond Rings Bride Pink Roses Tulips Bouquet Champagne Glasses-Sky Gardenia Red Rose
Blackboard Ships Hallway in Ship Pool on Ship Coastline Lenses Library
Books Clothes on Hangers Sale Tags Paint Splash Pantone Markers Pantone Fan Deck
Red Shopping Bag Open Book Newspapers Keyboard Chain Link Blue @ World Button
Links to each Photographers Gallery and/or Website
Aaron Murphy

Jenny Rollo

Alexander Kalina
John Siebert

Andres Virviescas
John Smith
Ann Petersen
Jonathan Fletcher
Annalisa Viola
Kay Pat
Ayhan Yldiz
Koen Veldhuizen
Benjamin Earwicker
Kriss Szkurlatowski
Bo Hansen

Manu Mohan

Bruno Sersocima
Matthew Bowden
Carlos Butler

Cherilyn Derusha Miroslav Kostik
Chris Chidsey Rick Tolboom
Claudia Veja
Rob Owen-Wahl
Claudio S Geoffroy

Robert Linder

Roger Kirby
Dan Jaeger Vendruscolo
Ryan E
Daniela Lenarcic Salman Rana
Darren Shaw
Sanja Gjenero
David Basson
Sigurd Decroos
Dez Pain
Boston Camera
Edwin Pijpe
Son Tran
Flavio Takemoto
Gabriella Fabbri
Svilen Milev

Gary Tamin
Tibor Fazakas
Hector Landaela

Vangelis Thomaidis
Ilker Victoria Clare
Ivan Prole
Zoran Ozetsky