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  • Home Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Home Renovation/Building Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Refinancing
  • Leasing and Hire Purchase
  • Asset Purchase Vehicles (cars, trucks etc)
  • Marine Finance
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  • Fit-Outs
  • Equipment (All kinds including construction, medical etc.)

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Conditions apply …

This is a genuine site about finance so terms and conditions do apply. It is the only way we can provide the assistance you need and it should be the only way you would want to do business with anyone.

We are not financiers but we have been through the process of negotiating finance for ourselves and have always found it to be a daunting task. However, it shouldn’t be if you are dealing with the right person.

The sole intent of this site therefore,  is to put genuine people seeking finance in touch with finance consultants who understand and are happy to work together, to assist each other.

Remember, you are offering to enter into a business arrangement which will be of benefit to both parties and lenders do want to say "Yes!"

Contact us with a brief description of your needs (no details required - only the type of finance you are considering) and we will put you in touch with an experienced consultant who will listen to you and seriously endeavour to give you the results you want.

From that point on, we will step away and everything that eventuates will be entirely between you and the consultant.

You can also rest assured that your details will be completely confidential.

Since the consultants deal with many large, reputable finance and lending institutions in Australia (including banks and a variety of non-bank lenders) they can help you structure your specific needs as well as offer you basic products and financial services such as:

  • Business Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Investment Loans
  • Factoring
  • Finance Leases
  • Novated Leases
  • Lease Back