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endé peedia is essentially a store which brings to your desktop, a diverse range of products & services which may be of interest to you from time to time. Included in this compendium are

Listed under Work, the Services we offer currently include Finance, Facility Planning, a wide range of Office Services, a Personalised Hospital Gifts Supply & Delivery Service, Real Estate, Travel, Tutoring, Electronics Sourcing, Marriage Celebrant & Wedding Gown Design Services and a very special Wellness section which you must visit if you are interested in living life to your full potential.

Initially products include a collection of miscellaneous items which are somewhat different. Clothing, Accessories and other items of interest will be added at a later stage. The list is expected to grow as we source more interesting products.

New ... the senz° umbrella. Check it out here

Special Interest

The virtual Library/Bookstore includes not just books and publications but audios and videos spanning across a range of interests. These may be accessed onLine, downloaded and/or purchased as applicable. Gallery is still under construction but it is intended to showcase artists, photographers and designers. The Classifieds section is open for advertising a myriad of additional services, products and opportunities and of course, we are not forgetting our four-legged family members

This Site is a work in progress so expect changes!


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