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These flat packed plastic bowls are perfect for walks/travelling.
Just add water to transform it into a pet bowl instantly.
Empty, fold flat again and slip it into your handbag or pocket.

Holds up to 1.3 litres
Safe. Convenient. Leak Proof. Reusable. Non Perishable

$4.00 each


Lulu Large Pic

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...


Lulu 2

Lulu Confidence


Lulu Couture Green Knit

A hand knitted original in Avocado
with fancy trim detail at collar and sleeves.
Perfect for the Spring Carnival




Lulu Heading

1. Delightfully pretty 2. Shrewd, clever 3. Obviously contrived to charm, artful, winsome.

At last! I thought you would never get here! This is the best page and it's all about me! It's also about looking after No. 1 and you can all do a bit of that!

First and foremost, I am a Personal Trainer and I have successfully trained most of the people I know. There are some who resist but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. My trainees pamper me and I lap up the attention. They love it.

My Mum calls me an user-friendly dog. She and my Dad are besotted with me. They spoil me and cuddle me all the time. I hear them talk about me when they think I'm not listening ... saying how cute and smart I am. Music to my ears ...

My Dad enjoys playing with me and taking me for walks in the park and to the local shopping centre for a snack.

My Mum loves cooking gourmet meals for me. She bought a new black leather couch and placed it by the window, just where I like it. She also bought some groovy Country Road cushions to go with it. Now I can stretch out on the couch or snuggle up amongst the cushions when it's cold. Life IS great ... snooze ...zzz zzz ......Grrrr ... there goes that pesky little bird again. It'll keep ... I'm too comfy to deal with him now.

I am launching my own clothing label, Lulu Couture. Its haute couture for small dogs. I hope you will shop for some original designerwear when the clothes are available.

In the meantime, join Club Lulu and share your experiences with me.

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