Levels I to VI
plus Roof
forming 6 dinner plates
and serving dish


Architectural Tableware
Designed by Alessandro Zambelli and Selab
(Seletti's own lab)

The tower on the left comprises a set of six small bowls and serving dish.

On the right we have the six dinner plates and serving dish


Dine in Italy ...

These unique sets of tableware stack up to form complete buildings representative of the Ilalian palazzos.

The Dinner Plate set, there are six levels plus the roof which provide 6 dinner plates and the roof doubles as a bowl when turned upside down.

Because the plates have a rim, there is adequate space inside each plate to temporarily house the used cutlery after a meal. This allows the used crockery and cutlery to be stacked up for washing later. And as you continue entertaining the table displays an interesting piece of Florentine inspired neo-renaissance archiitecture rather than a scattering of dirty dishes.

The plates are 230mm square x 25mm high

The small bowls are 110mm square x 50mm high.

Made of porcelain, the tableware is dishwasher safe.


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Typical examples of Florentine Renaissance Architecture