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Scraggly Priscilla

That's me during
my factory days

Priscilla Make Over

The makeover begins

Priscilla Cute

All cleaned up &
looking cute

Rriscilla at Stair

I may be deaf but
I'm watching

Priscilla Napping

Time for a nap now
... zzzz



Priscilla in Window
Picture Window

Priscilla Soulful
Love is .... knowing me


If you have a deaf cat in your family or know how to communicate with deaf cats, write in and share your stories. I would love to hear from you and if people knew more about deaf cats they would learn just how wonderful it would be to have one of us in their lives. If you don't have a deaf cat, don't pass up the opportunity to share your life with one if you get the chance. We really are gorgeous. Just ask my Mum.



My story so far ...

I remember finding myself in a plastics recycling factory when I was a baby. A nice man used to share his lunch with me ... rice and water ... and everyone looked after me and kept me hidden from their boss.

One day the big boss heard me talking to them and I was discovered when he investigated the noise. I was not allowed to stay there any more. But it's not as bad as it sounds ... my life changed dramatically for the better. They cleaned me up and gave me to my Mum and I haven't looked back since.

As you can see from my photos, I am white and have blue eyes which means I am genetically deaf. I have never known sounds so that's OK. Only trouble is that I am not allowed go outside except when I am with my Mum. She holds me so I don't wander off on my own into the big bad world which is not safe for me.

But I have all the creature comforts at home and I have my own penthouse in the living room because I like highrise living.

I know I am special and everyone pampers me. I love all the attention I get. Although I am deaf, everyone still talks to me because they know I can feel the vibrations. My family and friends know that I don't like to be startled and like to know when someone is coming or before I am touched so they stomp on the floor or tap on the pillow I'm sleeping on first.

Recently when my Mum was away my two great-aunts were my guests for a month. That was fun. They spoilt me, played games with me and gave me lots of attention. I taught them a lot of things too and before long they were well trained and were doing exactly what I wanted them to do

Priscilla & ruined blinds

Shhh ..... don't tell anyone ...

I did that to the blinds ...