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Your basic options include the following:

  • Purchase a family home, a holiday home, a retirement home which may be an apartment, unit or house
  • Purchase residential investment properties
  • Purchase commercial and retail properties for your own use or as investments
  • Purchase land or properties for development
  • Sell any type of property

We are always available so please don't hesitate to discuss your requirements with us

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Let's play Monopoly!

The earliest version of the Monopoly game was known as "The Landlord's Game" and it was created in 1903 although it was only available commercially in 1924. From then on, it changed names several times as it was redeveloped by interested parties. It was known as "Auction Monopoly" before it became popularly known as simply "Monopoly", the board game we enjoy today.

That's a brief history of the board game but now we are talking about the real thing and yes, the basic principles are the same. Dealing in property is one of the most stable forms of investment but not everyone can find enough free time to establish a property portfolio. That is, for those who are in other careers and/or businesses. It is a time consuming process mainly because all the real estate "traps" need to be properly examined and cleared. But that should not deter anyone. You can still own properties of your choice or divest those you own without having to divert your time and attention from whatever it is that is keeping you occupied.

So don't let opportunities pass you by.

Contact us and we can put you in touch with someone who can do all the legwork professionally and efficiently to assist you in procuring or divesting your property.

Talk to him about your needs and play the game, secure in the knowledge that the matter is in capable hands. Of course you will be consulted and nothing will be done without your approval.

Always remember ... the extent of your involvement is entirely up to you.

And if you are interested in selling, this specialist consultant is qualified to assist you with the sale of your property and that too will be carried out competently and with a minimum of fuss. You will be dealing with him personally and exclusively at all times.

Maybe we are not talking about the game now, but whatever your real property needs, it CAN be as easy to achieve as a roll of the dice ... if left in capable hands.