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Working together


For Small Businesses & Sole Proprietors
Unless you are proficient in the services you need for your project, you might be wasting precious time trying to accomplish something in which you are neither trained nor have a particular interest. So why not enlist the assistance of someone with experience in this area to take the stress off your plate and let her/him perform the work the way it should be done and enhance your project in the process? 

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Since this trend is very successful and growing in popularity, you are certainly not entering the arena in its experimental stage.

Companies are forming alliances with service providers, not just in the fields of design, engineering, law etc. as has been the conventional practice, but with office service providers who work off-site to create unique project teams with all the qualities required to ensure the perfect project output.

For Corporations
There is no guarantee that your in-house permanent staff will always be the perfect fit for a project. So why not enlist the expertise of a Consulting VA who will bring to your team the essential expertise required?

Your responsibility
Try to be responsible and support your country’s economy, especially in these uncertain times. So look for a VA in your own country first.

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Collaboration is the key ...

Companies have always used external consultants to form project teams but Office Administration and Services have traditionally been carried out in-house. However, that trend has changed with.more and more companies and small business owners choosing to use external service providers to support them.

Secretaries and Personal Assistants started the trend many years ago when they set themselves up in their own businesses. They worked independently to provide off-site secretarial and general administrative services to other businesses. Continuing advances in technology and the communications industry have been instrumental in bolstering this industry into what is popularly known as Virtual Assistance or VA.

The expertise of the Virtual Assistant today is certainly not confined to secretarial services but includes just about anything associated with business trends and strategies, the emphasis being on collaborating with businesses to boost their performance. So is it any wonder that VA is also an acronym for Value Added?

As businesses are becoming more familiar and more comfortable about forming joint ventures with virtual partners, the question is no longer “What is a VA?” but rather, “Who is your VA?” which is the obvious predictable outcome for this emerging industry.

A word of caution
Being virtual, this service is open to the global market which means that competition is tight and, as can be expected, there are many people out there who have adopted the title 'VA' without actually having the credentials and, because it is impossible to regulate this vast industry properly, it is often difficult, even futile, for professionals to dissociate themselves from those who pose as such. So if you are looking for a virtual consultant to complement your services, make sure that their expertise and offerings will contribute effectively to match your expectations. Choose wisely to ensure that you add value to your business output. Don't make cost your priority. It might cost you a lot more than you ever intended and, in the process, may cost you your reputation as well .

A timely message to Business Owners/Operators
Don’t be a late starter. Be a trend setter and start this trend sooner rather than later.

Contact us with your needs and we will put you in touch with a VA whose credentials are best suited to your project needs. You can then discuss your requirements and finalise your agreement directly with your potential VA team member.

Since you are working with professionals, you can rest assured that your details will be completely confidential.

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