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Pure reading pleasure

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Give to Live

Give to Live

Dr Rick Barrett

A book about giving and how you can shape your life by indulging in the simple act of giving.

In this book you will find poignant stories and practical suggestions to show you how you can make a difference.

"As you learn to give more, you'll learn to live more."

Acts of Service Journal

Acts of Service Journal

Dr Rick Barrett

This is a book to complement "Live to Give". It is a journal in which you can record your acts of service.

To stimulate your mind, there are examples of what you can do and pretty soon the thoughts and as well as the processes will come to you naturally.

Do one act of service every day and create your own incredible journey for the year.



Bill Reid

In this four page article, the author lists a series of reminders he set for himself. It is a thought provoking list which we can all use to remind ourselves and heal ourselves on an ongoing basis





Start the day with a motivator


I discovered The Daily Motivator Site in the late 1990s and found myself being drawn to it constantly. Every message had significant meaning for me and soon, reading the daily message became a habit worth cultivating ... the perfect start to my day.

I hope you will also be inspired and motivated by Ralph Marston's words which have immeasurable meaning, both profound and powerful.

... or a Healing Experience

Can you spare 23 minutes to experience an unique healing experience? It is called Quantum K and it is absolutely free through the generosity of its founder, Andrew Kemp, who is a Kinesiologist practising in the United Kingdom.

The video program is based on the theories of Quantum Physics and combines sound, colour, fractal geometry, harmonics and symbols to bring Web-based healing to the community.

Andrew explored the concepts initially in his book the "Quantum K Manual", and later transferred them to this onLine experience. If you would like to have a better understanding of the concepts, more precise information is available on his Website "Quantum K Returning to our Original Blueprint". (Click image)

The Quantum K Manual is also available as a free download.

Quantum K

Click image to access the
Quantum K Healing Experience

When you are able to give yourself 23 relatively quiet minutes, don a headset ... this is not essential but it enhanced the experience for me ... and get started.

The instructions will appear on the screen when the program commences so just relax and enjoy.

The link to this program is provided with permission from Andrew Kemp.